DOUBLE BATTERY LIFE on Popular Batteries




  Over the years we have had many witnesses.

SEPT-OCT 2011  LATEST NEWS!: 23 Sept 2011, EVERYDAY EDISONS TV SHOW PICKED US AS FINAL SUCCESS (1 of only 10 out of a field of thousands), they love the patent and told us it had potential for good success!  They Edison Nation/EveryDayEdisons want us to sign a contract at this time (in negotiation). See image below of the EveryEdisons TV show confirmation of selection as successful finalist:



Sept 2011 - we have the newer NIMH type batteries in the electric car ; so far so good; still in evaluation but initial runs are showing well ! (remember this circuit is ostensibly only for alkaline/disposables types and for emergency only modes for non-disposable batteries (rechargeables)).  Toyota has said that if the NIMH iFF operated between 40-80% that it shows "no degradation"; this belies why Every Hybrid Car uses NIMH (Texaco is holding the large format type of NIMH hostage still to this day to enable them to price fix gas prices higher see NIMH original GM ad at bottom of witnesses page).

Feb-March 2010 We (Steve Gould) and I stayed up late into the early mornings twice testing the toy trains.  We got 60% more improvement on one test (not the best showing). After reconfiguring we next got  over 100% more improvement in distance (toy train laps around the track).  WOW! !


 A the 2010 Super Bowl Party we demo'ed the circuit by using toy trains pulling cars loaded with 180 pennies.  We ran down 4 AAA alkaline cells one by one until the train stopped. Then we Re-Used the same batteries to get an astounding 147% more laps "relative to stock system pulling same load" and at a greater speed than when using the new batteries.  The circuit works.   The scorecard was accurate and verified by at least 5 witnesses who signed it as well. 

DAN and JEB , two aqaintances are shown below holding the most recent scorecard showing the witnessed 147% more laps of toy train after Re-Using "run-down" batteries.  (at SuperBowl Party , go saints !)

The setup , the self built 10,000 lap counter (blue box), the toy train pulling the 180 pennies in two cars, the magnetic pickup is the black vertical item next to track that feeds the counter the pulse when the train carrying a magnet passes.

Another witness signed up on the scorecard shown above, chats with witness Jeb.



Yes it works "relatively" very well with no load being towed (light/no load); and it works verry well with heavy loading as well.  But there is another factor that needs to be explained: for Light loading it % wise is 105% better, but with heavy loading it does 147% better (the point here is that even though the heavy loading reduces the total laps it still does %wise much better against the stock system).   Relative means that with light loading: re-using batteries gets only 105% more distance relative to stock system, but when heavy load is pulled, the % wise improvment is 147%  more distance than stock system .  Note: This may be hard to grasp but can be explained as: A toy train can perhaps go 1000 laps using stock system, but can go 1050 MORE laps using special circuit.   Now the same stock engine pulling 2 cars loaded to max can go only perhaps  500 laps , but with patent circuit can go almost 750 laps (which is still less than no load sytem), so this is a greater % wise improvement: BOTTOM line: for heavier loading is more efficient than for light loading "Relatively" speaking. Or the more you load it down the happier you are that you got it in there.  This then is an unexpected happy result that makes the circuit actually forge ahead when other circuits quit.

 Data summary example for circuit as installed in toy trains:

   No load pulled:

              Approximately 1000 laps on 4 cells run down one at a time.

               Approximately 1000 more laps Re-Using batteries in patent circuit

 Heavy Load 180 pennies: 

              Approximately 500 laps on 4 cells run down one at a time.

               Approximately 750 more laps Re-Using batteries in patent circuit (see super bowl demo witnessing above).

 So you can see that yes loading reduces laps in both cases, but % wise, the Patent Circuit gets more distance relatively speaking in both cases.   SIMILAR results are experiences for flashlights, golf cart, lab fans, etc .  They are calling the flashlght the JESUS LIGHT because it keeps rising from the dead and blinds you if you aren't careful"

                         EXTRA  !!

LOOK AT THE QUICK CHARGE TIME for the SUPPRESSED NIMH BATTERIES  below (15 minutes) !!!  (Now you know why Texaco conspired to buy and suppress this magic battery from GM Google search GM, NIMH, TEXACO, T.BOONE PICKENS).  Texaco bought the patent from GM in 1999, then raised prices 20x higher, at same time GM crushed all their fabulous EV1 cars that could go 120 miles on a 15 minuute charge at 70mph speed.  Texaco has since that time severely limited production of the large type NIMH batteries and has allowed no new licensing of the large types either. The original 1996 price was $60 per battery, after Texaco got the patent the price was raised to over $2000 per , and EV's need about 15 of these, ---> thus adding a disruptive $30k to each car price (suppression).  (note the GM logo at bottom )




REGENERATION is the key that allows the much increased distances and time of use !

IF we had lied and said it was only 10% better.. we'd probably have had it sold by now.. but the truth is too good to believe for all



























but eyewitnesses.  Even the best Scientists and Engineers don't see it until they actually witness it, then we hear things like " I never would have believe it ! Incredible ! Fantastic !     When we tell people, hey did you know there is 100-150% more energy left in your batteries when you throw them in the trash; we get laughed at.   Thats the problem.. ITS TOO GOOD ! ! ! 

   How to solve the dilemma ?  Just keep on keeping on.. knowing all the while that every time we use it it gains a tiny bit more news and credibility.  Finally someday we expect a very big corp will be willing to pay almost any amount to have it and prevent their competition from having it .