DOUBLE BATTERY LIFE on Popular Batteries


Super Small Relative Logistics

One 5 cent switch and 1 cent worth of extra wiring makes it work in flashlights and many small toys, slot cars, rc, etc.

  The relative SMALLNESS is less for small devices (lower wattage) and bigger for larger items (higher power).    IE its only 0.75" x 0.75" x 0.5" for flashlights and less when miniturized at the factory. Applicable for MANY MANY USES OTHER THAN FLASHLIGHTS.

For digital cameras, hearing aids and other electronic devices its so small at the factory level installation that its transparent to the user.  

A patent such as this is not dependent on a specific device (such as flashlight) but is applicable to ANY DEVICE that could use a SMALL CHEAP long life battery management system. Since it applies to any type of disposable electrochemical cells (batteries), this patent can be incorporated into almost any equipment presently in use (The inventor chose the flashlight, toy trains, fan,  for demos since they are the easiest to see and test).

Spans Many Markets.

Applicable are many industries including: HEARING AIDS,  DIGITAL CAMERAS, MEDICAL equipment, MILITARY supplies, AIRCRAFT, EMERGENCY equipment, SPORTING, LEISURE, HOME and GARDEN, CORDLESS TOOLS, COMMUNICATIONS,  SURVIVAL gear, SAFETY equipment, etc!

Simple and Cheap

10 cents cost for parts into flashlights toys and other small motorized , handheld devices.  (depending on device)

Its easy to miniturize for small footprint needs such as hearing aids, etc. We envision a universal battery pack that could give 2 x performance time of operation or distance for disposable batteries. This universal pack could supply any number of needed voltages including (with inverter AC 110 -220v), DC up to 6,12,18,24,36,48 volts etc and  higher!

AND because its so SIMPLE to make and incorporate into existing designs it will be a maximum winner in the marketplace based on its CHEAPNESS and FLEXIBILITY!

IE  Again the volume and weight are neglible and it can go down to nano if needed (of course we understand nano batteries are being developed and yes the circuit should still work with those as well).

For larger items using special rechargable batteries the increased usage is reduced accordingly*, such as golf carts and electric cars, the circuitry is proportionally larger as well.  In our golf cart the circuitry took up approximately a space the size of a shoe box (or .5 cubic feet, (Still very small for the size of the vehicle) and the weight was only about 3 lbs.  Cost: about $100 perhaps with mass production or $500+ with custom designs.

*Rechargables are harder to work with than disposable batteries because of the need to preserve the battery integrity whereas with disposables they are going to be thrown away so its irrelevant.


Interested buyers or licensees can call or Email: INVENTPEACE@AOL.COM: for more Patent information! Jeffrey Davis CEO VOLKSLIGHT Co. USA ph 386-837-9455