DOUBLE BATTERY LIFE on Popular Batteries



Sept 2011 - EVERYDAY EDISONS TV SHOW HAS CHOSEN THIS PATENT AS FINALIST SUCCESS (THEY FOUND AN INVESTOR); ON OF ONLY 13 SUCH CHOSEN, OUT OF A FIELD OF THOUSANDS !!!  We are negotiating a contract at this time.  see "Witnesses" page for image of selection notification.  Their president "Todd Stancombe" has said he see's much potential for this patent and we are looking POSITIVELY on the event to get this into market finally.  (Of course we will still talk to other clients on a per individual basis as we can sell mulitple licenses if needed).

Sept 2011 - we have the newer NIMH type batteries in the electric car ; so far so good; still in evaluation but initial runs are showing well ! (remember this circuit is ostensibly only for alkaline/disposables types and for emergency only modes for non-disposable batteries (rechargeables)).  Toyota has said that if the NIMH iFF operated between 40-80% that it shows "no degradation"; this belies why Every Hybrid Car uses NIMH (Texaco is holding the large format type of NIMH hostage still to this day to enable them to price fix gas prices higher see NIMH original GM ad at bottom of witnesses page).

Nov 2010 -  We are focusing more on the smaller handheld types of devices that can use the circuit, asking everyone to ask around for a factory that can begin production of at least the flashlight and toy train version of the circuit. 

Feb-March 2010 We (Steve Gould) and I stayed up late into the early mornings twice testing the toy trains.  We got 60% more improvement on one test (not the best showing). After reconfiguring we next got  over 100% more improvement in distance (toy train laps around the track).  WOW! !

 13 APRIL 2009 - An electronics expert today agreed that this patent has merit !

3 more technical persons have come to see the demos and were overheard telling their friends on the phone that "things are running that shouldn't be" and "...its unbelievable ... its fantastic.... using only 6 puny walmart batteries ...clocked golf cart at 30mph speed .... looked at battery pack ourselves personally... !!    " etc. 


DEC 2008 Finally we have the zap xebra electric car rewired and roadworthy again.  We drive it everyday!  Next step is to finish installation of the patent circuit final parts into it and prove it out!    One Serendipitous Point  :  The patent circuit allows us to recharge the batteries using only the everyday automotive chargers (2 or more ganged at 12v to get the higher amps needed).  This achievement eliminates the expensive higher voltage charger systems normally "required" by electric vehicles (ie $400- $1500 per charger vs only $35 for our system needs).  Plus, the safety factor is increased for those who like to tinker with their vehicles since the charging voltage is now 12v instead of 72 v.    Thus: we now have "dual" charger capability (the onboard 72volt factory charger can be used when needed away from home, and the new plug in cable that connects to the "everyday" 12volt automotive charger is for everyday overnight charging); makes it WIN- WIN ! 

NOV 2008 A good computer technician man (Scott) from Alaska came to town and also got the demo tour, we rode the patent circuit installed 1985 EZGO for over 3 hours 37 miles total (factoring 2 men instead of one onboard, also going up and down steep hills, and commuting mileage we all agreeed it equated to the original 46 miles on the flat and level pavement). !! SUCCESS !! (compare this 46 miles to the stock factory 15-20 miles using stock system; call any golf cart dealer and ask them how many miles a standard 1985 EzGo could go on flat pavement carrying one person , you'll be surprised to find they believe only 15-20 miles max, if you want to verify this data).

NOV 2008 - The electric car project is progressing, we are getting close to having it all together with microcontroller automation !!

APRIL 2008 -

We again ran the golf cart and got great results again.  One reviewer exclaimed at the super speeds UPHILL in the golf cart !  " Thats the power of the patent which allows YOU the user to pick and choose when you want higher speeds versus more distance.

     The toy trains also get double laps around the tracks and give JR at least Double Play TIME .  Conversely we ran the toy train at double normal speed (comparing to factory version) and got more distance at twice the speed (115% of factory distance at 200% of factory speed) !!!

We also Tested in Mar- April 2008 the patent installed into "BELL" NIGHT TRAILS Bicycle Light with excellent results. It ran 4 times as long as the factory version (using incandescent bulb) and equated to double the work output (watts).    Yes it ran for 18+ hours vs 4 1/2  hours for factory version.   When we tried it with a very bright LED bulb used for night riding on trails we again got excellent results. 

15 Jan 2008 :  Finally we have got a company in china to provide us with prewired parts to begin limited production of the first devices that will be the flashlight and toy train.  The flashlight will have  4 brightness settings and provides light for 800 hours on the lowest setting (similar to night light in which you can read the printed page in total darkness).  The toy trains will be of the Thomas the Tank variety and run twice as many laps as the normal version.   This provides much more time of lighting and play time for the kids!  These will most likely go to specialty stores since these first versions will be priced at about $30 and $40 being more expensive to produce on the first production.  (still being decided where best to sell them).

 7 AUGUST 2007:  GOLF CART TESTS Showed a remarkable DOUBLING OF MILES when we used the patent!   And as a bonus a significant  speed increase when we kicked in the patent.  "Albert a local friend said WOW  ! That thing really works! "We are two grown men and its accelerating UPHILL "     Barbara also exclaimed as it threw here back in the seat "Thats fantastic ! "    The amazing patent lets you cruise for increased miles distance when you use it AND you can even speed up for hills to keep your speed nearly constant thru the course!  

 Testing is ongoing as we wait for the appropriate corporation or  person to buy this working patent or to work with us in buying a license (thru ebay of course)!  

 JULY 17th, 2007 Tests with the Thomas the Tank type "motorized" types of toy trains has verified our original findings:  YES it works and gets at least 2 times the normal # of laps around the track loop.   AMAZING!    Come see the video and make your own decision!!   Time is money!  This may be advertised in the Wall Street Journal soon !  Licenses will be sold for specific device types starting with mobile cell phones, toy trains, EV's, etc.! !  



SUMMARY:  It works super fantastic with the Alkaline batteries in small handheld or toy devices.  It works to a lesser degree in devices using rechargeables with lead acid rechargable being the worst of all.


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